"Leader. Business leader. Decision maker."

Burga Neckermann, coaching for top executives.


You are a successful leader. The right decisions and results have brought you there! You are a person who has power, who has walked the steps of success step by step to where you are today.

You are the driver, the organizer and above all the decision-maker and proud of the success you have achieved. For others, you are an exceptional talent.

People in your environment try to please you, because having your favor is an advantage in the company. It makes it hard to tell a friend from an enemy. Hardly anyone gives you honest feedback anymore.

You must assert your position, your values and your ideas. There are power struggles. In addition, there are the numbers that you have to meet and according to which your performance is evaluated. It’s hard to stay “yourself” under all these circumstances.

Your life has become serious. You often feel lonely, even though you are never alone.

With others in your business environment you cannot talk about your challenge. You can’t afford to show “weakness” and you don’t want to. Friends and family don’t really understand you. Sentences like, “You have everything, success, a family, what more do you want?”, you often hear in this context. Who can you talk to about your situation?

You’re still going ahead. You’re a fighter. And sometimes you motivate yourself with phrases like, “I’ll show them all!” However, more and more often the fear of not doing justice to the services is creeping into your head.

What if I make a serious mistake? Then what happens? anführungszeichen

You sometimes lose faith in what you are doing and above all why you are doing it. You always find yourself dreaming about plans away from this position. Of a time-out, of freedom.

However, your greatest wish is actually to manage the company and the people you are responsible for correctly, to deliver outstanding results and to leave behind a personal success story. That’s what’s always driven you, that’s who you are!

The pressure’s always there. It is so high that even in the little time you spend with your family, there is hardly any energy left and you are always thinking about your job. You realize that your private life is dwindling more and more.

Should I go on like this forever? Is this the success I’ve done so much for?

It’s only a matter of time before the bomb goes off. Stop!

You have come to the right place!

And what you wish for is much closer than you think…




People with great responsibility very often face these challenges. They just don’t talk about it.

Effective solutions arise when an outside person looks at your situation and opens completely new doors with you. Numerous managers were thus able to steer their lives in a new direction, both professionally and privately.

You are far from using your full potential. Who said your greatest transformation wasn’t yet ahead of you?

You may think that these circumstances are beyond your control, but I can promise you that they are not. On the contrary, they can be wonderfully changed and used to your advantage.

Usually it is the inconspicuous obstacles that have a huge impact and keep you on the ground like additional weights. If you eliminate these step by step, you will experience how you grow as a personality. In leadership, in meetings, in private life.

When I work with managing directors, board members and other top performers, it always turns out that they are still far below what is possible. Above all, what they think is possible. How much success and change do you think lies ahead of you?

From my 14 years of experience as a coach and consultant for executives, I can tell you the following: You don’t have to suffer for your success. You don’t have to neglect your precious private life. You are a doer who deserves to enjoy the leadership position and your life. You’ve had the qualities to get to where you are today. Now you have the choice and the opportunity to go one step further for your success, your quality of life.

To bring you this change, I’m basically doing one thing. And I do this thing extraordinarily well. I recognize your professional challenges, your greatest fears and desires and illuminate your entire environment. From this I tell what stops you, what you don’t see and what you have to change.

Note! This coaching is not something for every manager. I am usually the only person around my clients who still speaks the truth. I’m not here to butter you up, I’m here to take you further. I guarantee absolute confidentiality and neutrality.

If that sounds like you, let’s find out if we’re going to be working together.

"My personal coaching was a milestone both business and personal."
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“I got involved in this comprehensive process and I am pleased today about a well-running company, based on well-trained Executives at all levels. "
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"Burga, it has been life changing and great joy to have you as my coach. You made it so SIMPLE to prioritize and notice what was important at the time for my business and my family! Also, I can't thank you enough for making me realize what is my biggest strength. I want to say that your service as a coach and leader served me immensely understanding myself more."
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„The connection of the individual areas of life is brilliant.”
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“I have rarely met such a professional consultant and coach. And in all the years there was not one situation in which I felt out of place with Mrs. Neckermann. Since I myself work in a professional framework, I appreciate this quality. "
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